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Doggone Safe
Dog bite prevention organization. Includes articles and support group for bite victims. [English/French]
HSUS: Stay Bite Free
Dog bite prevention tips including bite-proofing yourself and your dog, facts, and safety tips for children.
It Takes Training and Genes to Make a Mean Dog Mean (
The fatal mauling of a San Francisco woman by her neighbors' dog on Jan. 26 revives the question of whether some dog breeds are more inherently violent than others and should be banned as pets. [Access requires free registration at] (February 6, 2001)
Kenneth Phillips
Los Angeles attorney providing information about dog bite incidents, laws, and injury prevention for victims, parents, and dog owners.
Post-Gazette: Man's Best Friend is Sometimes His Enemy
The story of the attack on Diane Whipple by two Presa Canarios and other attacks. (July 28, 2002)