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Their dog joke links including: Why are dogs better than men? Why are they better than women? Did you hear the one about the...?
Daily Dog Cartoons
Daily Belvedere and Not in my backyard cartoons on Barking Buddies. Dog cartoons here to laugh at as well. These cartoons are new everyday.
Dog Haiku
A little book of dog poems, illustrated with fun graphics. Easy to navigate.
Dog Humor
This page contains dog humor, jokes and quotations.
Dude Dog Toons
Cartoons, and color book pages about a sled dog and the Last Great Race...the Iditarod.
German Shepards Dog Breeder Humor
77 windows full of dog humor, jokes, one liners and even a song.
Humor in Domestic Dogs
A serious look at dog humor.
Leilah's Laughs
An internet dog humor index. Hundreds of dog jokes, poems, stories, plus helpful information about living with dogs.
One extremely cute pup posted daily.
Sound Effects for your Dog
Funny WAVs to entertain you and your dog.