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A Dog for the Family
Learn the basics as you search for the perfect dog for your family. Tips on choosing a breed, which breeds are best with children and how to find a good breeder.
A Dogs Life
Brief outline of basic information on choosing, owning, training and understanding your dog.
Before You Get A Dog
An article by Sandi Dremel on the responsibilities of dog ownership. Advice on how to choose a dog.
Buying A Puppy?
Don't get ripped off! You need to know the warning signs to watch for and the questions to ask.
Dogs for sale
Helpfull website for dog lovers, dog breed images and descriptions. Dog related articles
Guide to Toy breed selection
This is online guide to selection and caring of a dog classified by American Kennel Club within the 20-member Toy breed group.
How To Find a Scottish Terrier Puppy
Finding the right Scottish Terrier is not easy. Bad breeders and genetic problems exist. Here are 10 tips to lead you to the right breeder and the right puppy.
Kennel Journal
Features original articles on dog issues, sample contracts and questionnaires, such as "What is a responsible breeder?", and "Sample Puppy Buyer Questionnaire".
Puppy breed selector, puppy advice, and tips. Breeder directory and current dog news. A helpful resource for those who plan to buy a dog.
What to look for when buying that new pet and what not to do. How to find a good breeder, questions to ask a breeder and other helpful articles.

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